Best snowblower for large driveway 2021

How to choose the snowblower?

Snowblowers are currently divided into three types: single-stage, two-stage, and three-stage. Snow is collected and thrown out of the discharge chute in one motion with single-stage snow blowers. Snowblowers with two stages catch snow with augers in the main input, then feed it to an impeller, which throws it up and out of the discharge chute. An induction accelerator, which spins ten times faster than the augers, is used in a three-stage snowblower. The accelerator continuously blasts snow, chopped up ice, and slushes back toward the impeller with the help of the augers. The snow is thrown up and out of the chute by the impeller.

So, before you make a purchase, consider the following features and factors:

  • Variable speed
  • Power steering
  • Self-propulsion
  • Chute control
  • Headlight
  • Heated Grips

If you are looking for the best snow blower for large driveway, let us take you through the ones that are considered to be the top choice of most people.

1.   Greenworks Electric Snow Thrower

The Greenworks Electric Snow Thrower is known to be an excellent choice for clearing light to moderate snowdrifts.

This single-stage snow thrower has a powerful 13 amp motor that can effectively clear a 20-inch path through 10-inches of snow. It has a 180° directional chute that allows you to discharge snow up to 20 feet away. The compact design and 7-inch wheels give you more movement around your property. Because of the brilliant LED lights, you will have superior visibility at any time of day. The Greenworks snow thrower is incredibly easy to store because it includes a fold-down handle.

The safety cord lock, which neatly secures an extension cord securely in place, is one of the unit’s highlights. You’ll need a 100-foot heavy-duty cold weather extension cord if you need to use one.


  • Ideal for a money value
  • Small design
  • Lightweight


  • Not great for heavy snowfall
  • Snow discharge is a little weak

2.   Husqvarna ST227P / 27″ 2-Stage

When you first get your hands on this snowblower, the first thing you’ll notice is how small it is in comparison to the performance it offers. The ST227P is not a little machine, but it appears to be more manageable in size when compared to other 2-stage 250cc snowblowers on the market. Maybe the trigger-operated power steering helps because it makes steering this 212-pound beast as simple as pulling a game controller’s trigger. The discharge chute should have had an electronic four-way joystick control, as the two-lever manual implementation is clumsy and can’t be used with one hand.

This best snow blower for large driveway performance is outstanding; it can handle mounds up to 30 inches tall, far beyond its official rated specs. The bucket is about 20 inches tall and has plastic skid shoes to protect the paved driveway or garage floor from scratches. Deeply grooved X-trac tires grip the snow well, and the axle is composed of steel for added durability.


  • Premium quality of Design
  • Heavy duty tires
  • 254cc engine packs


  • Belt failures
  • Hard to maintain

3.   EGO Power+ SNT2400 Self-Propelled 2-Stage Snow Blower

For increased efficiency, it combines lithium-ion battery power. It is capable of flinging snow up to 50 feet.

This motorcycle is outfitted with four LED headlamps. These lights are used to clear snow at night or when there is a lack of light due to snow.

This best snow blower for a steep driveway is also weather-resistant, thanks to its sturdy, high-quality steel construction. It also comes with a five-year warranty. So, if you have a problem with it, you can file a warranty claim right away. For further details do visit our power tools report blog.



  • Amazing power
  • 200° chute rotation
  • The runtime is great with the 7.5Ah batteries


  • During the activity, the chute drifts.
  • Some customers may find the price to be prohibitively expensive.