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Tramadol is a medicinal drug having the mechanism working best toward killing chronic pain. It has a mixture of anti-oxidant properties proved to heal injury, be it smaller or bigger. Tramadol is known to be one of the best-composed medicines, dealing with treating unbearable pain and providing long-lasting relief.

A doctor’s prescription is always necessary before consuming any drug; the same applies to buying tramadol online. Tramadol is available in multiple forms, be it solid, liquid, or creamy form (tablet, capsule, liquid drops) for oral consumption and application on the surface.

If a person is evidencing intense pain that needs to be controlled immediately, then tablets and capsules will not work; injection should be the prompt option for working towards recovery. Tramadol has a mixture of substances that works instantly by blocking the signals passing from nerves to the brain, ultimately leading to pain management. Tramadol is available on prescription to treat the root cause of chronic pain.

It is present in many forms, meant for direct oral consumption, soothing effect on injury or cut, intravenously and intramuscular. The medicinal effect varies from patient to patient; you cannot compare it with each other; instead, the only thing you can do is monitor unanimously with extra attention for those having a medical history or those who were addicted to alcohol.

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Dosage as per the Types of Tramadol

Depending upon the ache severity, tramadol available in tablet and capsule form can be consumed orally up to six times a day.

There is another form designed to be consumed without water or juice; it is made in a way that can be swallowed directly and tends to melt with the help of saliva. Otherwise, if you are not fancy and you want the water to consume your dose, then you can definitely go ahead and dissolve in a glass of water and then drink it.

Tramadol is composed of a variety of proportions; some can release its effects in four hours or some in eight hours, and some have the ability to give prolonged pain relief for one whole day. The medicinal effect depends upon the form of consumption and the brand, which it is made up of.

The brand name having “SR” notifies the sustainable release, while “XR” notifies the extended-release. The maximum dose for tramadol is advisable to be not more than 400 mg/per day.

The Various Conditions Treated by Tramadol

Various reports have stated the efficient effect of tramadol in treating acute, chronic pain from different origins. The WHO guidelines have mentioned the effective use of oral tramadol consumption has resulted in treating a cancer patient’s pain and body ache. Tramadol was also used by pregnant women, especially for managing Labor pain. Respiratory problems are also healed by tramadol intake, resulting in lowering the breathing irregularity.

Can Tramadol Create Dependency

As per the clinical data submitted by WHO, tramadol is less dependent and addictive in nature. Dependency also implies the duration; if a person consumes for more than two weeks without a doctor’s prescription, it might increase dependency. The person with a drug addictive history is also on a larger side of being dependent on tramadol. There is a case study of a male patient of about 40 years old, who was being rushed to the hospital due to tramadol addiction. The reason was that he consumed more than the maximum mg, i.e., 600 mg/per day, exceeding his prescribed days for more than two years.

In such rare cases, tramadol can harm health without a prior drug history.

When to Seek Doctor’s Help

While your tramadol ongoing dose, if you observe any side effects, it is advisable to inform your doctor.

By discussing with your doctor, you can receive the suggestion of prescription to cut or increase in the proportion. If you are experiencing allergic issues, without wasting any time, visit your doctor immediately. Serotonin syndrome is one of the risky effects which should be addressed in case of emergency.


Tramadol is the opioid medication for chronic and acute pain, thereby relieving the pain ranging from moderate to severe. Children below 12 years are not eligible for tramadol consumption; for them, your doctor will prescribe medication that suits their body type and age. Do not make them consume tramadol by taking your own decision.

Side effects differ from patient to patient and can be either severe or mild; you can either treat it by home remedy or can consult your doctor depending upon the severity. Drug Enforcement Administration is responsible for directing the tramadol distribution per policy, giving the low potential for dependency.

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