Macbook Professional 2011 15 Inch Evaluation

The rumor mill ran wild next the really expected Macbook pro refresh. Liquid steel, normal SSDs, higher-res, current structure ended up Amongst the Wrong experiences. What has modified however tend to be the internals. Thoughts like: Is that this product worthy of upgrading to, or really should I look forward to The brand new design, will likely be answered in this post. Let’s begin with the adjustments.


The product under the microscope is the substantial-close 15″ product, which incorporates a two.2ghz Sandy Bride quad core i7 processor, 4gb ram and a 6750m from AMD. Which is a giant update through the former era. I’ve also opted for the superior-res macbook pro 16 screen, and that is a presented in my (mac!)book. pun meant

In addition to the high-conclude fifteen” Macbook pro, Apple also provides two 13″ products and one seventeen” device. Through the board each product enjoys a speedier processor, more rapidly ram and thunderbolt.

The latter is very appealing and a first for virtually any notebook that you can buy! I’m essentially not heading into too much detail about this but basically It is Intel’s remedy to USB. The link is able to transferring video, audio and data, all simultaneously at really substantial speeds. Which means that a DVD Film will transfer to exterior storage in about six seconds the moment supported components comes out.

When choosing among styles know that the 13″ types all share an Intel HD 3000 graphics as sole service provider. This can be a source of irritation for gamers in existence because the chip is quite weak for modern online games. The smaller styles also utilize the gaps between the keys as speaker holes and absence a subwoofer; expect a slightly more tin sound.

The 17″ model features a 1920×1200 display and identical specs for the 15″ Macbook pro. That is the two a superb and negative thing. The good matter is that you will have a little bit additional monitor real estate property but gaming on native resolution will definitely battle.


As observed Apple has retained its well known unibody design for this era of Macbooks. I do not take into consideration this a bad thing. Designed from a single piece of aluminum, this laptop computer is incredibly scratch resistant and clean up wanting. My previous Macbook Pro (same structure) surely withstood the exam of your time. (not one scratch!

In my watch this is the greatest searching laptop computer aside from the Macbook Air. Its layout is incredibly symmetrical. Everything is strictly where you’d be expecting it to become. Like how the speaker holes match the vertical Area employed by the keyboard keys. The width of the hinge also properly matches the horizontal keyboard Room. Making use of a mix of black and silver, Apple managed to develop a little something quite aesthetically pleasing. Even so I might have liked to view some Macbook Air things consider about. The battery indicator for a single would seem unnecessary to me and also the DVD super travel is sure to disappear. Guess we could assume These changes inside of a redesign afterward.