Protect and Decorate Your Home with Modern Fireplace Screens

Traditional open fireplaces are the most attractive area in the room of your house. It is the focal point where your guests socialize during informal gatherings and special occasions. Their primary function is to keep your home warm throughout the autumn and winter seasons. Installing the latest fireplace screen will enhance their beauty and distribute heat evenly throughout the rooms. This can help you to significantly reduce your monthly electricity bill and save money in the process.

Importance of modern fireplace screens?

It would help if you were careful when heating the rooms of your home with the fire burning in the fireplace. The hot embers and flying sparks can set your home ablaze if they go out of control and burn a carpet or inflammable object in the room. Fortunately, installing fireplace screens around them prevent such a catastrophe from taking place. It stops the hot embers from popping out onto the flooring.

These screens even keep small children and curious pets from coming close to the flames. Moreover, homeowners with gas fireplaces or stoves having glass fronts need to buy suitable fireplace screens to keep them safe. This is in accordance with the new safety standards of the American National Standards Institute. These guidelines’ objective is to minimize unfortunate fire accidents resulting from the touching of the hot glass panels. Non-compliance with these safety rules could lead to hefty monetary fines.

Determining the right fireplace screen size

The essential function of modern fireplace screens is safety. You should consider the following factors when determining ones that are the right size for your fireplaces:

  • The overall length, breadth, and height of your fireplace,
  • What kind of combustible material like coal or wood do you burn to create the fire?
  • The general size and height the flames of your fire reach, and
  • Your taste and preference will match the décor and interiors of your room.

How to choose the right fireplace screens?

You need to consider the following factors when choosing the right fireplace screens for your home:

  • The products should be made of fire-resistant material such as glass or metal,
  • Choose fireplace screens made from iron mesh or brass if the room occupants wish to view the fire,
  • If your fireplace is large, opt for screens having multiple panels and short legs,
  • For small fireplaces, buy screens having a single adjustable panel with two small legs,
  • Fireplace screens came in a variety of styles like 18th century Georgian, 19th-century iron or Napoleon III, and
  • Your budget will determine how much you be willing to spend on the fireplace screens.

Installing modern fireplace screens is an inexpensive way to decorate your fireplaces without having to rebuild them. This enhances the general aesthetic of the rooms in your home and protects pets and children.  These screens act as a barrier in preventing flying sparks from harming the occupants. They even stop downdrafts coming down the chimney during the winter and circulate heat throughout the rooms. This helps you to minimize your monthly utility bills and save a lot of money in the long run!

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