VR Smell Solution

In an effort to steer clear of olfactory contamination from the space because of the odorant releases, a primary air-extractor (one hundred twenty five m3.h−one, not represented in Determine ​Figure2)2) is situated around the ceiling with the area and assures a worldwide air renewal. A 2nd air-extraction program is positioned near the individuals’ head devoid of hindering their movements. This module is made up of a collector formed being a flattened cone (diameter fifty cm) connected to the global air extraction technique with the developing (one hundred Smell-o-vision twenty five m3.h−one). Home temperature is controlled about 22°C.

To summarize and as illustrated in Figure ​Figure2,2, the OD set up comprises four sections: the lender of odorant situated in the BBL-IS as shut as is possible on the consumer; the air stream controller positioned within an adjacent home towards the BBL-IS; the tubes connecting the air stream controller towards the lender of odorants then for the nose of your individuals; along with the odor extraction module Situated higher than the BBL-IS.

Technological specification

We create the olfactory product to be safe and cozy to the subjects, to deliver air with or without odorants at a relentless charge within a reliable and reproducible manner. The swap among odors and inter-stimulus air must be Virtually instantaneous without the need of other perceptible stimuli. We experimented with to lessen cross-contamination involving odorant streams and odorant contamination on the experimental area. Our OD can be arrange to provide several and simply changeable odorants inside a controllable and simple way. To reveal that we achieved These aims, we present two or three validation experiments (see segment Overall performance Tests) right after introducing the immersive setting.

The IVR system, which gives a 3D, immersive and fully interactive visualization ecosystem, is installed in the Brain and Habits Laboratory (BBL) of Geneva. This method, called BBL-IS (BBL-Immersive Program http://bbl.unige.ch/ResearchModules/BBL-IS.html) is formed as being a space-sized cube, employing 4 partitions as screens on which photos are projected by various synchronized movie projectors (see Determine



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