Why Pitched Roofs are better than Flat Roofs

You might have heard of pitched and flat roofs, but what is the difference between the two? Pitched roofs, which are the most common, have a slope while flat roofs are flat as their name suggests.

A pitched roof offers a number of advantages compared to a flat roof. They are easy to install, and they are aloe for easy inspection from the ground.  A pitched roof looks prettier to bury and also provides better drainage.

Below are the top benefits of pitched roofs over flat roofs.

Pitched roof are long lasting

It is important to note that pitched roofs are expensive to install. However, the repair cost of a flat roof is higher compared to that of a pitched roof. As a result, investing in a pitched roof may be a smart play in the long run.

Whatever material you use, your roof will always be exposed to weather elements 24/7, thus they have to get damaged in one way or another. Fortunately, the materials used in pitched roofs are more durable and resistant to weather elements. This makes pitched roofs a more affordable option in the long term.

Don’t get discouraged by the initial installation costs. The roof might appear expensive now but maintenance and repairs will be much cheaper in future.

Steep roof react better to inclement weather

From geometry, a flat surface receives a direct hit to inclement weather conditions on a broad surface compared to inclined surfaces. This is why the best Minneapolis roofing contractors advise building very steep roofs in areas that receive high amounts of rain and snow.

Roofs with a gradient have a better drainage system. Flat roofs provide drainage but it is not as effective as pitched roofs. It is difficult to perform regular inspections on a flat surface, meaning the drains can be clogged and result in damage.

It is easy to inspect pitched roof from the ground

It is important to constantly inspect and monitor your roof. Regular inspections give you an opportunity to take care of problems at their early stage preventing further damage. It also saves you a lot of money since the repair is not huge. Damage that goes unnoticed leads to structural damages and other extensive water and ice damage on the attic.

When inspecting a pitched roof, it is important to know that it is much more difficult to maintain your balance on a pitched roof compared to a flat roof. If you do not feel comfortable on the roof, you can inspect the roof from the ground. Since the surface is inclined you will be able to see a good portion using binoculars.

You can have an attic with a pitched roof

An attic is a great place to keep all the stuff you are not using and declutter your home. A pitched roof offers plenty of room for you to add an attic or loft. You can use the space for storage and extra living space if it is big enough.

Conclusion As mentioned above, pitched roofs provide you with numerous benefits. However, they are not good options in areas with high temperatures such as the desert. Therefore it is important to ask the best Minneapolis roofing contractors to guide you on the best materials and style to use for your roofing.